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USA M9 Phrobis III


USA M9 Phrobis III

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This is a Phrobis III M9 Bayonet/ Fighting Knife Manufactured for the U.S Military to replace the M7 Bayonet for the M16/M4 service rifles.

This is the Gen 2 M9 Bayonet manufactured under D.O.D Contract by Phrobis who sub-contracted Buck since they had the capability to produce the numbers which were ordered. This Bayonet has it's original Scabbard and was designed to double as a multi-purpose fighting knife for service members it was being issued to. The M9 has a full tang 7 1/8" blade, oversized handguard, works in conjunction with the scabbard to become wire cutters, there is a flat head screwdriver/window break at bottom of the scabbard, Saw on the spine of the thick heavy-duty blade, and a sharpening stone built into the back side of the scabbard to touch up the blade while in the field, plus more. The scabbard has pre cut loops to attach a leg strap which is also included along with the Bianchi universal holster quick detach belt connector. This is one of the original M9 Bayonets, which is still in service to this day except is manufactured by Ontario Knife company, This Phrobis M9 Gen 2 Bayonet was manufactured in the late 1980's between 1987-1989 in the Buck Knives factory exclusively for the U.S military while being sub contracted by Phrobis 3. this is in great condition

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