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Iain Faulkner – Reunion


Iain Faulkner – Reunion
Featuring a pair of classic E-Type Jaguars



Iain Faulkner – Reunion
Featuring a pair of classic E-Type Jaguars

Signed Giclée Limited Edition of 150 on 315gsm cotton rag paper

Beautifully framed and ready to hang
Probably the most iconic and desirable of Iains work this is truly an amazing work of art.

Iain Faulkner is a British figurative painter, born and raised in Glasgow. His style of painting is hyper-realistic. He eschews the concepts of contemporary art, preferring the more demanding style of figurative art. He uses techniques of draughtsmanship to ensure his paintings are spaced realistically, and can be judged as such. Iain’s art consists mainly of strong, powerful images. They’re designed for impact, without the need to rely on narrative. His characters portray a stillness and introspection. He uses the technique of chiaroscuro, to play with light and shadows, emphasising those contemplative, melancholy moments. Iain Faulkner paints almost exclusively male characters, confident and well-dressed. However, he explores the male psyche with his work, what goes on behind the facade. Vintage cars and whiskeys often add to the atmosphere. As well as paintings, Iain also creates charcoal drawings, where his draughtsmanship skills come back into play, controlling the tone and emphasis of an entire piece with one colour. Iain was commissioned to paint portraits for the 2010 European Ryder Cup team. He has exhibited to ecstatic reviews in London and New York. His strictly limited edition prints are signed, mounted and certified as authentic.

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